If the deceased is to be buried, we will assist you with all the arrangements, including a graveside service if you choose.

To create a place of remembrance, a burial at the local or selected cemetery is appropriate. Burials can be carried out either as casketed bodies or cremated remains and will give family and friends a physical place and fixed location to visit and pay their respects. The burial ritual itself plays an important part for saying a last good-bye and coming to terms with the passing of a loved one.


The burial service can be held in addition to, or in place of, a complete or memorial service and is usually attended by close family and friends only.


Choosing the right cemetery for the burial is a personal yet conscientious decision. There are certain aspects that must be considered:

  • The location should be local and easily accessible
  • The cemetery should have well kept and looked after grounds
  • Administration and staff must be approachable, knowledgable, helpful and competent
  • Death as a result of actual or suspected suicide, homicide, poisoning or a drug overdose
  • Management is from a reputable company
Thom Kight & Company has already a well established relationship with a number of reputable cemeteries such as Westpark, Fairways and Fourways Memorial Park in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. For other cemeteries we will negotiate and make arrangements on your behalf and strictly in line with your wishes and needs.

BURIAL (Ground and Sea)

To create a place of remembrance, a burial at the local or selected cemetery is appropriate. This includes the purchase of a casket, a graveside, paying a burial fee and a headstone. If the deceased did not have a burial plot, we will liaise with the local cemetery on your behalf to obtain one. We are also able to arrange sea burials.


Thom Kight & Company has a number of above-earth burial units in a mausoleum at the Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg. We can assist and negotiate with other cemeteries of your choice on your behalf. In this way your wishes and requirements are emphatically taken care of in detail.


Thom Kight & Company offers the service of exhumation only in exceptional circumstances such as for family, legal or health reasons. Exhumation is a distressing experience for the family and it is therefore vital that the privacy of the family must be protected and the dead person treated with respect.


Memorial options are plentiful: memorial tablets or upright gravestones, memorial plaques and benches, floral vase offerings or biotrees, and more.

  • Cemetery
  • Burial (ground and sea)
  • Mausoleums
  • Exhumation
  • Memorialisation


Managing the Practicalities and Paperwork

Where we can, we arrange all the required documents for you, including:



Obtaining a Notification of Death (BI-1663) from the relevant authorities.



Obtaining the death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs.



Obtaining the required documentation for burial or cremation.

We strictly adhere to the COVID-19 Regulations applicable in each country.

For religious rights, in case of Judaism or Muslim if being shipped to certain countries, the State Health Department issues documentation to exclude embalming.

For international repatriation, we liaise with the relevant embassy or consulate as well as with the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) to obtain the necessary permits.

Saying Goodbye With Respect And Dignity

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Whatever you choose, and wherever you choose to hold it, we can help you create a meaningful service.